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Katharina Kastner is an Austrian filmmaker working in Brussels and Vienna. She received a bachelor's degree in Psychology and International Relations, before graduating from Doc Nomads, a documentary film master travelling three European cities (Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels). Her films are motivated by fragile environments and the people behind these.

Katharina Kastner’s films are cross-overs of documentary, essayistic and experimental elements. Aspects of movement, fragility, and fractures are at the core of her work. She is searching for traces, using either analogue or digital camera to collect and explore inner and outer transformations.

Her films VILLA EMPAIN (FR/BE/AUT/GER 2019), MATCHTSTICK MAN (AT 2021) and PORTRAITS OF THE HILLS (co-directed, HUN 2017) have been invited by Viennale, FID Marseille, IFFR Rotterdam, IFF Karlovy Vary, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Cannes SFC, Visions du Reel Nyon, Underdox Munich, ISELP, Cinematek Brussels, Louvre Paris, True/False Film Fest, Diagonale, Go Shorts Nijmegen, Brussels Art Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Lund International Architecture Film Festival, MIDBO, American Documentary Film Festival, French Riviera Film Festival, Bogota International Film Festival, Ground Art Fest Armenia, 25 Arts Seconde Paris, Austrian Cultural Forum Bukarest, Casa Tranzit, etc. 



- Audience award at Nuevas Olas Film Festival for PORTRAITS OF THE HILL (HUN 2017)

- Cinematography award at NYFF for VILLA EMPAIN (FR/BE/AUT/GER 2019)

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